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Half Life: The Rebellion

Chapter 1: Morpheus

Morpheus leaned against the wall, smoking a cigar. Some of the ashes fell down to his shoes, but he didn't care. And what was there to care for? The Combine took all the fun out of life. Usually they just took the life out of it. Walking on the streets wasn't even safe anymore. You never knew when a random beating was about to take place. And even just seeing the Combine doing one was a danger to your life.

Morpheus dropped the cigar and stepped on it, taking in a deep breath. He glanced around him. Glora Street. Home to many refugees in the tall brick apartments surrounding it, and at the dead end. Poorly watered grass beside the paved road. And, of course, two Combine Metro Police Units patrolling, looking at civilians and laughing at their fear. Heaving a sigh, Morpheus turned around and entered the apartment building he lived in. He walked up the stairs, and entered his own apartment on the fifth floor. Well, not really his own. 4 other refugees shared it with him.

"How many Combine out there today?" asked Allen, another refugee with a harsh past. The Combine had put him through hell and back. He was lucky to be alive, even if many of his old friends weren't. Morpheus laughed.
"How do you think? Annoying and plentiful, always gripping their stupid stun rods. If I had a gun, I'd show them a thing or two." and with that, he sat down on an old, creaky wooden chair and poked at a plastering hole in the wall.
"Maybe that time has come, my friend. Maybe there is a time to strike back." said the refugee Allen, getting up off an old matress. Morp knew something was up. He heard it in his friend's voice.
"Allen, if you're up to something, stop now. The Combine will kill you and everyone near you if you try anything, you know that." he reasoned. It was true. The Combine did not abide unlawfullness. Or sometimes humans, in the harsh case of average life. Allen went up to Morpheus, a glint in his eye.
"But comrade, this is different. They say a man is coming to City 17---The One Free Man."

Chapter 2: Joining The Rebels
Morpheus was shocked by the news. If he had eaten anything that day, he would have shit himself right there.
"The one free man? Gordon Freeman? The Black Mesa scientist who beat out the aliens AND the combine? Impossible! I heard that he died on Xen!" he exclaimed, his heart pummelling.
"That is what I thought too---but a Rebel Friend of mine told me he thought he saw him. And I believe my friend. He is hear, now, in City 17. And soon something big will be happening." the hopeful refugee laughed after saying this. Hope. A word they had never used much in this city.
"So what are we going to do?" asked Morpheus, opening the old fridge and pulling out a carton of milk.
"Join the rebels! Fight for freedom agaisnt the Combine Opression!" Allen said loudly, clenching his fists at the thought. Morpheus sat back down.
"That's too dangerous, we'd be killed!" he said, chugging the milk. He then spewed it all down onto the table.
"Dammit, the fridge died out! Those combines cut the power last night, didn't they? Goddamit...okay, so how do we join these rebels?" asked Morpheus, throwing the carton out the window into the trash bin far below. Allen grinned.
"I know just the guy."

---Combine Small Security Depot, Glora Street, City 17---
Jamansk put down his bloody pair of pliers, satisfied that his work was done.
"Take the human away." he said, ordering a lower ranking Combine Unit to dispose of the body he had just tortured for information. The now-dead body.
"Hahaha, inferior humans. They die so easily. Pitiful race. They should be greatful to feel the ends of our stun rods." the evil Combine Officer grinned as he turned around to face his control panel. He pushed a button. A face appeared. A Combine Face.
"Done with another human sir, same results. May I request the next order?" he asked, cracking his knuckles loudly. The Combine face, that of an older man, grinned.
"Of course. You paged me just in time. There are rumours going about that Gordon Freeman himself is here in City 17---I want you investigate." the older man said, shutting off the com-link. Although the older man was already gone, Jamansk saluted. "Yes sir, Deraldi, sir!"

---Slum Alleyway, Ricton Avenue, City 17---
Allen pulled out a key from his pocket and opened up a locked garbage container. He lifted the lid, revealing that there was, in fact, an entrance to a tunnel at the bottom.
"Hurry up, if a Combine saw us we'd be screwed---or one of those freaky camera droids." Allen said in a whisper, holding the lid up. Morpheus jumped inside, and he was soon followed by Allen, who locked the lid behind him.
"I figured as much. We're going to see John. I thought he got killed in last weeks execution of captured rebels." Morpheus said, peering ahead as they crawled through a small, dry tunnel cut into the concrete.
"Nope, he escaped that. He and some others are hiding out at his place. Hey, it's the safest place for us too." Allen replied, muttering a swear as he cut his knee on a jagged piece of concrete.

They finally reached the exit, and emerged into a nice sized and well lit cavern. There were a few tables and chairs, a computer and a microwave in the room. Along with two other exits. A rebel was facing away from them, on the computer. He heard a noise behind him, and drew his gun as he turned around.
"Freeze, Combine Scu---Allen?" the rebel asked, shocked.
"Surprised to see me? And with an ally? Haha, you old bastard, good to see ya Ivo!" Allen laughed as he reunited with a long lost friend.
"I thought you got killed almost ten years ago, crushed in that train wreck! That thing screwed up my leg for a while! Hows it been?" asked Ivo, joy shining across his face.
"Terrible. Morpheus and I here have been living as refugees facing abuse each day. We just can't take it anymore, and with the one free man apperentally here---we thought we could help out. Fight for the real deal, you know?" asked Allen, patting his old friend on the back. Morpheus sat down in front of the computer.
"We could always use more help. Morpheus, you know how to shoot a gun?" asked Ivo, cocking his own gun. Morpheus looked behind him and grinned.
"I used to shoot robotic droids of my roof daily before I was sent to the big city. Of course I can shoot." he laughed. Ivo grinned, and put his gun on the table.
"Okay, you two, you came at a good time. John and the others are out on another mission right now, and I was about to depart alone---but I could use the help. I'm breaking into a local Combine Security Area to hack some data. Can you guys go with me?" he asked, his grin disapeared. It was serious business.
"Of course we're in. That's what friends are for. Now hand me that pistol." Morpheus replied.

Chapter 3: Combine Insecurity
---Corner of Jargint Lane, City 17---
"Okay, we're standing right outside the security base. Keep your weapons out of view until we're right in front of the door." Ivo said, winking at them. Morpheus wiped a bead of sweat from his face. Attacking a Combine Security Area? This was dangerous. Very dangerous. But he didn't have time to think more about it. They were already in front of the door, where two Combine Metro Police Units were standing, stun rods at the ready.
"Now!" shouted Ivo, pulling out his pistol. Allen and Morpheus did the same. Time seemed to go in slow motion. The Metro Police Units were reaching for their stun rods. Ivo had his gun out and aimed. He pulled the trigger. A bullet whizzed out and hit the first Combine in the eye. Ivo fired again. The other Combine had his rod out, Allen was firing. The first bullet missed, the combine raised his arm. Then Morhpeus himself shot him right in the face three times. Brain fluid splattered around as the Combine gurgled and fell. Ivo went inside quickly, followed by Allen. Morpheus glanced around and shot down a camera droid before going inside.

"We've got about one minute before Combine reiforcements arrive." Ivo said as he sat down in front of a computer panel. Allen covered the door. Ivo's fingers were a blur over the blue keyboard. Then the door to the left opened. The washroom door.
"The hell?" exclaimed a Combine Soldier, pulling out his pistol.
"Shit!" yelled Morpheus, raising his pistol. Three shots fired. One from the Combine, one from Morpheus, and one from Ivo. Everything went black.

Then the backup lights came on. The Combine was dead, but Ivo had been shot in the leg. He continued typing nontheless.
"Ivo, man, you're hit!" exclaimed Morpheus in disbelief. Ivo grunted and pulled out a disc.
"I've got it, help me to the door." he wheezed, unable to stand on his hurt leg. Morpheus lifted him over his back and ran to the door, where Allen was.
"Let's go!" Morpheus yelled, careening out the door. Allen followed.
"Intruders! Get them!" yelled a Combine and his partner down the street. Both with pistols. A bullet whizzed by Morp's head. Allen fired two bullets, one grazing a Combine in the leg.
"Get to the alleyway! We can escape them there!" Ivo yelled from Morp's shoulder. Ivo released a round into a Combine's head. The Combine flinched but continued firing. Allen dropped him with another bullet.
"This is Civil Protection Unit 1-25-5642! Requesting backup!" The other Combine yelled, reloading. Morpheus almost slipped on a piece of gravel. Then he was in the alleyway, unlocking another lock on a dumpster. Allen fired three bullets before following. Then they were in, safe. With the dumpster locked behind them. Allen pressed a button at they went through, creating a hologram. It would appear there was no hole in the dumpster.

Back at the CSA, Jamansk arrived with two other Combines.
"Intruders escaped." reported the Combine who had arrived on scene before them.
"I did my best to follow, they disapeared in the alleyway." the combine concluded, giving a remorsful salute. Jamansk shot him in the head. Jamansk's specialized pistol was powerful. The head of the unfortunate Combine was severed from the neck, blood spraying everywhere. The head rolled away. The body, amazing, stood still. Jamansk pushed it, and it fell lifelessly to the ground.
"All true Combines must be efficient. Failure to capture rebels will result in one week of torture from now on." the cruel Combine said, walking into the CSA.

"What? Hacked? Again? These rebels are getting good at raiding CSAs..." the older man said. Jamansk had paged him from the CSA Console. Jamansk nodded.
"I was too far away to arrive on scene in time. I obliterated a failing Civil Protection Unit. The Alleyway has been scanned carefully by my own Combine eyes. No signs of escape there. They must have been airlifted up onto a rooftop, sir." said Jamansk, gritting his teeth. He did not like human escapees. Especially Combine killing ones. The old man looked away from the screen for a second, thinking.
"Go to Code 5. Make it happen."

Chapter 4: Code 5 Complete
"Set him down easy, that leg looks like it's not havin' a fun time!" Allen muttered, helping Morpheus to set a groaning Ivo onto a table.
"Eeergh---dammit, Morp, easy setting me down!" Ivo exclaimed, grinding his teeth in pain. Morpheus finished setting Ivo down and turned around. His face hit the barrel of a gun. A gun pointed at his head. Then another. Allen turned around to face the same thing.

"Morpheus? Allen? ahaha, it appears our introducers are new recruits." said the rebel holding the one of the guns, as he pocketed the weapon. The three others did the same.
"Hey, Sanj, Ivo looks like he's having a bad day. Would you mind helping him out?" the rebel asked, checking his wounded friend.
"Sure. Ivo, stay still, this might hurt a bit." the rebel medic Sanjuro said, striding over to the groaning Ivo on the table. After Ivo was bandaged and put into another underground room, greetings were exchanged.
"Allen, Morpheus, so glad to see you again!" The rebel said, grinning.
"Never thought I'd see you again, John. Figured you would have died a long time ago!" Allen laughed, clapping him on the back.
"He almost has a couple times, I swear bullets seem to evade him." another rebel said, shaking hands happily with Morpheus. His name was Pinku, a Rebel who had a happy life before he had been forced to leave his small hometown for the city. The rebel beside him was none other than Spitfire. And the final rebel was Wingwolf. They were the entire resistance for many, many blocks in the city. Outnumbered more than 20 to 1 in this area. And yet they still fought on.

Allen, Morpheus, John and Spitfire were the only ones in that room fifteen minutes later. Sanjuro was with Ivo, and Spitfire and Wingwolf were scouting out and planning the next targets.
"It's about time you two got tired of the Combine Opression. I'm surprised more civilians and refugees don't start rebelling, the only other choice is to get beaten to death eventually. Everyday is a damn lottery just to decided if you live or not." John said, slamming his soda can down to the table.
"You're forgetting that almost none of the civilians in the city had weapons training, if they resisted they'd just be killed on the spot. There's nothing they can even do." Allen responded. John nodded.
"Well, we've got to start rounding them up. Otherwise, they're just gonna meet their fate at the end of a stunrod anyway." he said. Spitfire nodded.
"Well, the only way this could happen is if'n we round up some willing members and train them ourselves. Where the hell could we train them though?" Spittie asked, finishing off his beer bottle.
"Well, we could..." Morpheus started to say. Then there was a loud boom and the entire room shook. Then another. Guns fell of shelves. Morpheus fell out of his chair. A third boom hit the surface. A crack formed in the wall.
"What the hell is going on?" exclaimed Allen, small pieces of rock from the cavern roof
falling off and landed everywhere.
"They're headrab bombing! Oh my god, they must've sectioned off this area of town! Those bastards are going to kill hundreds of civilians just to get to us!" Spitfire yelled, grabbing the only SMG off of the shell. John's pistol was aiming towards the door, just in case. Another rumble came from the surface. Sanjuro came out of the medical room door, pistol at the ready.
"You know eventually a headcrab or two are gonna get down here. We're gonna be trapped down here if we don't make a move now. Zombies and headcrabs, if we waited, would keep us trapped down here until we starve," the medic paused as another rumble came from the surface as yet another headcrab bomb hit the surface, "and if we move out to the surface we'll face headcrabs anyway. We'll probably end up being the damn zombies!" he exclaimed, waving his pistol in the air. Another rumble hit the surface. The shelf fell over.
"We have no choice. Sanjuro, you stay here with Ivo and kill any headcrabs that end up getting down here. For two people, there is enough food to last a while. We'll try to get some outside help on the surface. It's our chance." Spitfire said, cocking his SMG. John nodded.
"It is. Allright, I'll see you later Sanjuro. Everybody else, let's roll! We've got some headcrabs to kill! Hope Pinku and Wingwolf made it out okay--shit, they're right on ground zero..."

Chapter 5: Highschool Entrance
Pinku gritted his teeth. Things did not look good. Not at all. Headcrab bombs had landed all over the nearby streets, people were dying, and zombies were already beggining to awaken. Peeking out from behind a rock slab on the second story of a destroyed building, Pinku knew he was one of the safer people in the area. He heard a noise behind him and turned around. Wingwolf nodded to him.
"I just checked. This area is all sealed up---this is a tactical headcrab bombing. They want to kill us, and damn---they're prolly good do it too!" he exclaimed. Pink grimaced as he heard a woman screaming. There was a splattering noise and the screaming stopped.
"All right, here's the plan: We need to break into the local highschool. Their Science Rooms will have some nice chemicals we can use. Sounds simple enough, but with zombies and headcrabs everywhere, I believe it'll be tough enough." Pinku stated, already climbing down from the building. He jumped onto a lower piece of concrete. Wingwolf hurried to keep up with him.
"I'm in. Anything is better than staying here, listening to innocent lives dying on our behalf." he said. Pinku slipped on a rock.
"Don't say that. It makes me feel bad." he replied.

Pinku got to the ground, and in a few seconds Wingwolf jumped and landed beside him.
"The highschool is only a block away. Should be easy." Pinku stated. Wingwolf looked to the left.
"Heh, seems the zombies want to change that already." he grinned as he pulled out his pistol. Pinku already had his out. About 30 feet away, a group of five zombies were already approaching them. Pinku released on shot, scoring a direct hit on the headcrab which was on the zombie's face. he shot again and took it down. Wingwolf started releasing rounds into the zombies. They moaned and groaned as their slow assault turned into a suicide. They didn't make it another ten feet before the last zombie was splattered into the ground.
"Let's move! I'm not waiting for more of them to sneak up on us!" Pinku yelled, running ahead. Wingwolf looked behind him. A single zombie was 2 feet away. Wingwolf froze. The snarling monster was a beast. The rib cages were torn out, the face was a mess of ripped flesh and blood. The bottom of an empty eyesocket seem to look at him. The foot was bent the wrong way. Wingwolf was too scared to move. The creature raised it's sharp claws and brought them down on Wingwolf.

Two shots fired, and the creature collapsed backwards.
"Come on, you wanna stay here and die?" asked Pinku, who had fired the shots. Wingwolf got over the shock.
"! Wait up!" he yelled, running up.

There were a few zombies on the streets, but they took care of that. Soon they stood in front of an impressive building. It stood out, not only because it was 12 stories, but because it was the only building around this area that was in good---no, great---condition. This was because the Combine were using it to attempt to brainwash the children that attended the school.
"Well, let's go." Pinku said. Wingwolf nodded. Pinku kicked down the double doors. They swung back and he fell over.
"Okay, let's repeat this. Except that never happened." grinned Pinku, kicking open the doors and sliding through before they closed again. Wingwolf grinned and entered. The corridor was long, dark and empty. Lockers seemed to go on forever down the hallways, split only by the occasional wallspace for a water fountain or Combine Poster.

Pinku checked a layout map.
"Science Hall is on Floor 4. Let's go." he said. They began climbing the stairs. The place seemed so---empty. But then again, the place was closed. They reached Floor 4 and they slid silently through the door. This hallway was no so good. Acid and blood stains were everywhere---wether from scientific accidents, or...
"Oh...shit." Wingwolf said, raising his pistol. Poison Zombies.


"We're doomed." sighed Pinku, firing into the large mass of groaning zombies.


Part 3 coming soon...