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Random Story

John Brown played the banjo, but Bruce Willis was unhappy with it. He pulled out a .38 revolver and shoot AJ, who was swining on a vine. Tarzan was also offended so he shat on a turtle. The turtle was thoroughly annoyed, so it bought Pepsi, Inc. as John Brown talked to Bart Simpson about Politics. Jeremy swinarton danced by in a tutu. Bruce chugged a poo but spat it out onto AJ, who was screaming "Pennies! Pennies! Pennies everywhere!" and so a big giant penny fell on AJ and squashed him like a bigfoot. Jackie Chan came in and ordered some oil. Except he got water! He drank the water and flew out the window, off to save the world again. Then the world changed from 'Earth' to 'lol land' because Paul Martin said so.

"Hogwash." said the alien as he threw the banjo out the window, which landed on Jim Carrey, who put on a mask and started disco dancing.

"Disco is dead!" yelled Bob Smith, breakdancing on a tadpole. The tadpole, annoyed, got up and booked a flight to New York.

"I think you mean Hogwarts, not Hogwash." Dumbledore said to the alien as he sipped on some grey earl tea. After drinking something that was diffenently not grey earl tea, Dumbledore got up and put on his boxing gloves.

"You and me. One on one." he said to the alien. The alien nodded it's heads.

"Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble!" yelled Mike Tyson, clanging the bell. Dumbledore punched low into the alien's third stomach, and it was a knockout!

"You cannot kill Dumbledore!" Dumbledore laughed, raising his hands.

"But in the latest Harry Potter book..." Jeremy started to say, before he was turned into a frog.
"He looks better." AJ commented, puffing on his cigar.


Part 3 coming soon...