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Zeon Exodus Defence Alliance Forces

The beginning
500 years ago a advance civilization of Mobius Left there Planet on a large spaceship. this ship was called "The Ark". The ark was controlled by a very powerful super computer AI known as "Noah". the ancient Mobain race left to explore the Universe in search of adventure and to Befreind Diffrent specices. They frist landed on the blue planet of earth. After a few weeks with the humans Some humans proved worthy to go with the ancients. For a human to prove worthy they need to be of a Clean soul due to if they are not they might use the technology for war. Afterwards they left the planet.. A few weeks into space something happen. A asteriod storm damaged the ark and crashed landed on a planet. When the ancients awaken they meet a robot race called the HeXons. These robots were more advanced than any of there technology. They felt pain, had feelings, eat , and could feel compassion. For the last 200 years They were at peace and unity of human, Mobain, and HeXon.. Sadly the peace didn't last long. A mysterious alien race fought the planet and treid to enslave these peaceful natives. If it wasn't for 3 brave rebels 1 of each of the diffrent races. There planet were have been doomed.

The Aftermath
30 years after the war The natives of this new world decided they now need to protect themselves from future alien attacks. The ZEDAF was born. Civilans decided to join the cause to defending there planet. Warships were built, Wepaon technology was made, and soliders were trained. The trainers themselves were of the 3 rebels that stoped the last invasion. Sooner or later the ZEDAF was made though was a military outfit was stronging for Peace and justice.

History of why they Hate the Mobain Empire
20 years ago A scout drone was sent by ZEDAF command. They saw the homeworld of Mobius Taken over by the Evil Robotnik. they wacth from above of what happen over the years. They saw that the mobians of there Homeworld Were now twisted and Evil. The peace of Mobius had fallen. They saw everything. People dying, Humans being treated as trash, And children being trained to kill rather than to live like children. They now hate the government and want to stop this unjustice to bring back peace to there planet.

Sky Marhsall Volden Ster
Sky Marhshall Deigo Rodregaz



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