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Imperial Commissar Yarrick

Imperial Commissar Yarrick
Age: 60s
Rank: Commissar
Race: Mobian (Mongoose)
The old mongoose has seen his fair share of war more than Sonic ever has. He had lost both an eye and his left arm in the wars against the humans. While originally loyal to the Ruling family of Mobius, when the Queen wished for peace between both human and Mobian, his loyalty was over. He joined with the secret organization to destroy the Humans once and for all with the Shadow clones. He became the group’s voice, as he was a powerful and charismatic leader. Though the troops were loyal to the core, the Commissar’s job was to press them to the limit. When conscription was needed, he ordered that all soldiers, whether clone or not fight 110% or be shot personally by him. The Emperor presented him with many rewards following the battle. He was paired up with then Col. Sturnn in the battle for Station Square, and the two became friends. The colonel being an excellent tactician, the other a powerful leader, the two could not be stopped. When Gen. Sturnn was ordered to Earth for the first and second war, he pulled all the strings he could to ensure that he was assigned with him. Yarrick always looks for the opportunity to be alongside the troops during battle. The Commissar’s presence alone has won many a battle; it didn’t save him from JDR and the Onslaughterer. He is currently MIA. Though JDR will have his minions torture him, he will not talk, as his faith in the Emperor is absolute…



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