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Violet Wolf Army

Violet Wolf Army

The Violet Wolf Army came into the first Sprite Wars in *history document SW1C#391* The Mech army Leader, Archangel M disappeared from his battle with the Jedis due to the help he called for. Archangel M awoke on the Master Death Egg owned by the Violet Wolf Army and into the purple eyes of his elder brother, JDR. Archangel called JDR for his assistance in the destruction of the Alliance that was giving him such a hard time during this war... after losing his Death Egg base and many other battles before... like all little brother, they come calling the older ones for help. And help JDR and his VWA did. The massive fleet of DE's proved most helpful in the Space Fleet Battle of Sprite Wars I.

Aside from the masses of fleets from other allies, JDR and Archangel M concocted a plan for taking out some of the fleets... by sending Diamond WarPods into enemey ships filled with JDR's Violet Wolf Bite Plague and Arch'y Mechs aboard. It was these two who introdue the first use of biological warfare in the Sprite Wars. This tactic led to the decision of the JDF using a super weapon to destroy the fleets carrying the plague on them. It may have stopped the virus from spreading but they destroyed their own fleets in the process, giving the enemy the oppertunity to cease the upper hand. In the end the TD forces would push the Alliances forces away and win the Space Fleet battle.

After that battle the VWA would hide their DE fleet in the oceans surrounding the continents and remain there for the time being., while JDR remained in space inside the MDE. It would remain that way until the early stages of the second Sprite Wars. When JDR gave the order to his De Fleet Commander and his other younger brother, A.J. MegaSajian to commence "Opperation: Rising Poisdion"... this would give the order to have all the De Fleets to rise from their watery resting places and attack the enemy. The troops would not be introduce until a cleansing process in the city of Amberious, a TD city infested with Alliance members. And the VWA troops finally revealed themselves for the first time ever in the Sprite Wars....


They are just like any other army troops, capably in all areas of combat.... but their evil and terrified of JDR.


The Battle Droids: Technical battle troopers that handle laser guns and other weapons.

The Assult Droids: Special gaurds for the DE's and TD territory with heavy sheild arms that can shatter bones and cruch metal alloy.

The Super Battle Droids: Like the battle droid but with thicker armor and more powerful weapons.

Alpha Wolf Units: Thick armored Wolf cyborgs with sharp fangs, claws, and spikes and excellent senses of smell and hearing. They also are the ones who lead groups.

Omega Wolf Units: Bigger and also have thick armor and sharp fangs and claws, and super senses, and provide aid as the extreme heavy hitters.

Cub Units: Cyborg hunting wolfs, that sniff out enemies, attack at will, and carry gases that they eject out of their mouths.

The Onslaughterer MS: A very powerful MS that has armor made of molten chaos emeralds, A 6MTP Laserized Machine Gun, and a Beam Saber. It was made and piolted by JDR himself due to his condition.


AAH's (All Area Helpers): Biological clones, designed to aid in lab assistances, communication, secretaries, and etc.

The Velo Troops: Troops that are designed to be expert warriors and living garbage dissposals that will eat anything or anyone. They can also go 7 months without food or water.

The VWA still remains a huge threat to not just the Earth, but the universe, wanted for many counts of genocide, terrorism, rapes, breaking the rules of war, and many dispicable acts JDR smiles at.



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