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Lord General Aleksander Sturnn

Lord General Aleksander Sturnn
Age: 45
Rank: Lord General
Race: Mobian (Echidna)
General Sturnn started out as an enlisted officer when the revolution broke out against the Mobian Queen. Promoted to Colonel for his valor in Combat, he was given the honor to be the first to lead the siege of Station Square. After the war, he was promoted to General. When the Empire was to join the first war, the Emperor gave him the command. After the first war ended with defeat, Sturnn said o have gone before the Emperor himself to ask for his permission to lead Imperial forces back to Earth. The Emperor granted it after the Empire became part of the League of Free Worlds. With revenge on his mind, he fought more valiantly than the first war, pushing his troops to the limit. With the victory came promotion to Lord General, the highest rank of the Imperial Guard. With the advent of the third war, he was more than happy to hear that the first to receive the transmission to assist Earth forces against the Dominion. After the capture of Yarrick and the destruction of his forces by the hands of JDR, he began to have doubts about victory. Nevertheless, he is committed, and now with reinforcements, he wants to take the fight back to JDR and find the Commissar.



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