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Sprite Wars Information

Sprite Wars is a large collaboration of Sprite Comics in which armies and alliances fight for dominance over territory. The actions unfold into a gigantic display of drama, victory and loss. It all started when Storm Spotter Fox, with the help from Mike Rugar, initiated the war.

List of all Links:

Arbiter (Tommy)
Base 51
Captain Ken Nakata
Garrick Armisael
Global Liberation Army
Imperial Commissar Yarrick
Iron Brotherhood Betrayal
Japanese Defense Force
John Jacques
League Of Free Worlds
Lieutenant Garcia
Lord General Aleksander Sturnn
Mike Rugar
Mobian Empire
Northern Confederation Armed Forces (NCAF)
Rei Rugar
Republic of Kuradia
Sky Marhshall Deigo Rodregaz
Sky Marhsall Volden Ster
Spectrum Tactical Armed Force
The Alliance
The First War
The Highlander Army
The Mercenary Army
Violet Wolf Army
Zeon Exodus Defence Alliance Forces



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