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Spectrum Tactical Armed Force

Spectrum Tactical Armed Force

Date Founded: 2030
Founded by:
Dr. Alexis Manson, Cheif sciteist and combat tactican
Captian Harper Manson, Commander of the United Galatic Task Force

Not much is known of the Spectrum project, during the early years of the Sprite Wars, many people were really hush hush about it. With the growing loss of soilders on the UGTF side, the Generals and Commanders wanted to find a way to create optimal fighting force that would prevent the loss of life. They turned to Dr. Alexis Manson, a top scietist in the feild of weapon desgine and Nanoorganic enegenring, she was given the task of creating a group of "super soilders" to help fight.

Due to the extreamness of this program, human test subjects were banned due to the low number of troops. in turn, Dr. Aleixs turn to Anthromorphic Species...known as mobians or "furs" as they were noted by. The test had gone under the cover of stealth, a heavily defended Defcon 1 Complex. A Level 5 class base that was almost impentirable to any type of attack. In the project, over 6 spectrums were created, Each one desgined to be a special forces unit. Some trained by SEAL's, Rangers, Windstalkers, Delta, Airborne, and Green Barettes. In turn all 6 were trained with equal skills in all, and a bit of a little extra for each unique trooper, Demolition, heavy weapons, Sniper, Assasin, Commander TL, and many others.

After 4 months of brutal reaserch and test, the Spectrums were completed, the 4 common ones were immedatly set out, unfrotunatly, the 2 others that were built...were seperated during the war. Yet to be found the 4 have continued their mission along side the UGTF and have continued to be a providing force. With Dr. Alexi contining her development of weapons and systems, the UGTF continues to be more of a tough force



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