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PYROKITSUNE (Formerly Team Firefox)

The faction once known as Firefox has always been Rag-Tag to say the least. Their origins are unknown, but they do seem to be a mixture of Mobians and Humans. Their leader has yet to truly be identified, but it is speculated that a certain firefox with the power of three elements is the mastermind. In fact, the very name "Firefox" seems to foreshadow exactly who's in charge. The name may also allude to the latent abilities of the Firefoxes, their ability to summon and control the element of fire through pyrokinesis.

During the first war, it was revealed that Firefox has black market connections with the "merchants" of many technology-producing worlds. And for a small group of fighters, they do seem to have a sizeable warfleet. This warfleet had been hidden in Sol's asteroid belt, and when the opportunity arose, they ambushed the Archangel warfleet after it had returned from being refit. Other technologies are either bought or produced by firefox themselves, save for a few questionable aquisitions. It is well known that Firefox team enigmatically had access to Covenant technology long before the alien race made their brief cameo in the second war.

Firefox's soldiers consist of both Mobian and Human soldiers. But with the invasion of the Corvolt Imporium and the introduction of the Imaginary Hedgehogs and Spectrums, as well as the forces of the Terran Dominion, Firefox deployed its own brand of supersoldiers from Project "Spartan."

Firefox's political alliances seem to lie with the League of Free Worlds. But as of recent, conflict with their allies and enemies, particularly in the Eastern Front have left them questioning how much value the "Alliance" Places on them.

With its brand new outlook on the war, the days of Firefox are over, and the forces have adopted the name of Pyrokitsune.



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