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Captain Ken Nakata

Captain Ken Nakata
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 178cm
Rank: Captain
Likes: His girlfriend (A 17 year old high school girl), cigarettes, alcohol, Wanzers, fighting
Dislikes: People that complain too much, racist people, people who underestimate the JDF.
Bio: CO of the 87th Wanzer Squad, Eastern Japan Division, based in Tokyo, Ken is a skilled wanzer pilot and a good commander. He joined the JDF mainly to protect the people of Japan, but also because he wanted to blow up stuff. He pilots a prototype Commander version of the Kyojun, known as the Type 111 'Ouka'. An ex-delinquent, Ken, though now a Captain in the JDF, is short tempered and very violent. Against enemies he hates, he has been known to grab them in his wanzer's hands and squeeze them untill they explode. He is a less than respectable person, when not on missions, he's usually at a club in Roppongi.



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