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Northern Confederation Armed Force (NCAF)

Northen Confederation Armed Force

History of defence:
After the Cold War ended, people of north belived that peace had finaly come to Earth. But invasion Irak, lead by U.S, was first sign of great wars, that were to come. Allthought Confederation never existed before First Xeno War, happened same time as first war where Mobians were. Confederation was founded when race named Martians created secret base on North Pole. Legendary commander Mannerheim was sent to investigate this base, and here first member of Confederation first time discussed about alliance. Martians attacked exploration teams with full force, and thanks to alliance forged by Mannerheim and Rokka, leader of Baltic Alliance Military, first attacks were rebelled. At this point, other nations on north hat also seen treath of Martians, joined alliance. Alliance soon grew greater than alliance and united goverment was created. Nameing nation as the Northen Confederation, Martians were finaly defeated.

Second Xeno War:
After third great war started, where Alliance and Terran Dominion fought, NC saw a chance to expand it borders. Attackin on Karjala, Denmark and Iceland, NC found itself fighting against new alien race, calling itself Mobians. Iceland was only nation able to pull back NCAF, but it joined peachfully, under conditions that Mobians should given full rights compared to humans. Mobians were never given right to join military, but otherwise these conditions were accepted. As the aftermath of war, new countries were joined to NC: Iceland, New Karjala Republic, Denmark and Mobian Republic. Now goverment is is worried, that NC's naturel resources are nearly depleted, that new are needed. Some people fear that new war is starting...

Secret technology:
With the desruction of Martian on North Pole, NC gained technlogy of battle suits, and strange door, leading to place called "the Void".

The Void:
Not much is understanded from this strange realm called "the Void". None of attempts to revive people, who were sucked into it when Martians where finaly defeated, have succeeded. Door leading there is mostly closed, because portal behind it causes great wind. Nothing has yet escaped from the Void. Scientist have created only one working probe, which have been already to the Void. No contacts with the lost men have been made yet...



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