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The Mercenary Army

The Mercenary Army is the world's first large collaboration of Mercenaries all fighting for one cause: to follow the orders of whoever is currently employing their army. They follow the orders of John Jacques, and their unfiform colour is yellow.

Pre-War Information:

Before the First War even started, the Mercenary Army was founded by John Jacques. He had left his old gang, stationed in the town of Carentan, because he wanted a chance to really be important. And perhaps to make some money along the way. He founded his army and began visiting different cities to pick up recruits. The original uniforms weren't supposed to be yellow, but a colour dying error in the factory computer made it so, and the troops wore it anyway.

Before the war, the Mercenary Army were paid for hundreds of different jobs. They had fought across the planet and in different terrains, which is how the troops got so skilled. They had been paid by the Government to fight terrorist groups, and had been payed by terrorist groups to fight the Government.

The Mercenaries were unstoppable to smaller groups. But when a Mercenary Platoon were climbing a Snow Mountain (they were going to ambush a drug dealing group) they were caught in a crossfire between the Snowmen Army and some Alliance Soldiers. When news of the Mercenaries being slaughtered reached the rest of the Mercenary Army, they brought themselves into the war to seek revenge on those who killed their brethren.

A History of the Mercenary Army during the War (Season 1):

Shortly after entering the war, the first Mercenary Outpost was attacked by a group of Snowmen and an artillery squad. As the unprepared and surprised Mercenary Forces were being shelled, they were rescued when another group ambushed the Snowmen Army Attackers. This group was called the Space Marines, and they allied with the Mercenary Army right after that.

The Snowmen Army and the Mercenary Army continued fighting, the Mercenaries often ambushing while the Snowmen Army was distracted by other, larger threats. After a prolonged assault sequence, the Mercenaries declared a cease-fire on the Snowmen Army for one day---Christmas.

A History of the Mercenary Army during the War (Season 2):

The Mercenary Army, allied with the League of Free Worlds, advanced to City 17, where the Corvolt Imperium was engaging in heavy combat with other forces. The initial recon group of The Mercenary Army was slaughtered as they were making their escape, but intelligence of the situation soon arrived to the Mercenary Headquarters anyway.

The Mercenary Army also advanced to different areas. The captured the desert town of Felucia, killing the little Corvolt protection that existed there. The Mercenary Army used it as a training and recruiting area, but also as a strategical base. It also housed most of the helicopters that commonly air-raided City 17.

At this point, The Iron Brotherhood, once a firm ally of the Mercenary Army, joined the Terran Dominion. The Iron Brotherhood then betrayed and slaughtered the unexpecting Mercenaries, in what was later entitled The Iron Brotherhood Betrayal. When news of this betrayal reached other Mercenary Outposts, they disobeyed direct orders from John Jacques and attacked, in the Disaster of The Betrayal. After the Iron Brotherhood combat fiddled down, FSG Jim was sighted and captured in Felucia, charged with the murdering of Mercenaries. The merciful Lieutenant Garcia let Jim go, making him promise not to return. The Felucia Base also started transporting supplies to The Highlander Army, an army of the Terran Dominion. The Mercenary Army had recently been recruited by Admiral Sun of the Corvolt Imperium, who were paying one million dollars per kill.

Meanwhile, on the East Side, Carlos and a large group of Mercenaries began capturing the town of Hector, with a prolonged slaughter of the rebels, although there was a surprising number of losses to The Mercenary Army. After a long period in which nothing happened, Carlos and the others realized how the town of Hector, and all areas on the East Side, held no tactical importance to the overall battle. They quickly travelled back to the West Side. Carlos and his squad arrived just in time to save a Mercenary Squad from a Kuradian Ambush. As if this new threat wasn't enough, the Yuktobanians arrived and The Mercenary Army recieved direct orders to attack them. The surprised Yuktobanians were pushed back, and Braindead, a high ranking official of the Mercenary Army, cut off a large group of Yuktobanians with his squad and killed the survivors himself. The Mercenary Army mainly focused on attacking and distracting The Yuktobanians. John himself went to a secret cliffside base where a Super Weapon was being produced. It was a biological bomb that would poison enemies. After leaving the base, John soon ambushed a lost Yuktobanian Supply Truck and stole weapon technology, allowing the Mercenaries to advance to M16s, AK47s and the M1500, the main Mercenary Weapon, a large caliber machinegun. Shortly after this, the Superweapon was launched and Yuktobanian Infantry Forces were severly cut down in numbers. The Yuktobanians refused to give up, the battle raged on.

The Yuktobanians eventually realized the true goal of the Mercenary Army: to distract them from the City and the Corvolt Imperium. Overnight, they packed up and began to leave. Realizing this all but too late, the Mercenary Army attacked with one last air-strike before the Yuktobanian Army had gone. John contacted Admiral Sun directly via phone right after this, and recieved orders to follow the Yuktobanian Army.

The majority of the Army was mobilized, and sent to the City. Not only did they ambush The Yuktobanians, but they attacked and destroyed several ADP Roadblocks as well, travelling in small and stealthy groups, using roads, alleys, houses and sewers. Eventually, after much combat and territorial disputes, John started Project Deepfire, and the Mercenary Army seemed to disappear. The Alliance and the Yuktobanian Army believed they had won the war against The Mercenary Army. This gave the Mercenary Army a large advantage when they suddenly struck back, retaking the City Slums and using claymore mines to defend the outskirts of their turf. The battles, however, continued, and were fierce.

The Mercenary Army was just a supporting army; eventually their smaller numbers began to show. Both the ADP and the Yuktobanians continuosly attacked, and forced The Mercenary Army to retreat. The Mercenary Army was nearly completely wiped out. Only John, Braindead and a very small number of Mercenary Soldiers remained. Using a secret cave, The Mercenary Army left the city and eventually, at the end of the cave, made camp just outside the exit. John himself left and went back to the city, using his sniper rifle to take out spare guards from a distance. After an ambush on some ADP Personnel, John stopped for a breaking. A few ADP Guards caught up with him and chased him. John jumped over a small canal and laughed, saying "You can't catch me!". Then, a bullet fired by an ADP Official hit him, and he fell in the canal.

John was pulled out of the water by Donny, a life-long friend of John's. Donny had been travelling with a gang member through a sewer. John and Donny talked for moments before they headed back to a gang hideout because the ADP were searching the sewers for John. Meanwhile, Phuui and 3 other Ptolomacs entered the very same hideout, a pub. John let them stay, since the 3 other ptolomacs were wearing yellow Mercenary uniforms (although this was sheer coincidence, they were not Mercenaries---but they played along anyway), Donny did not trust them. Suddenly, a group of ADP SWAT Members crashed through the back, and after a small firefight Donny, John, Phuui and the others made a hasty escape to the subway. Things came to a boiling point in the subway as Donny raised his gun to the 3 in the yellow uniforms, demanding to know who they were. Before any explinations could be said, a small ADP one-man helicopter, capable of maneuvering in small areas, ambushed them. They evaded the helicopter, and a small ADP Patrol, by climbing a ladder and exiting from the subway onto the street---where ADP SWAT Teams had surrounded the exits. John and the group with him were arrested.

On their way to prison, they were spotted by Carlos, who had been ordered to go to an ADP Controlled city long before and had joined forces with Dillian and Cornelious, who saw Phuui and the others with John and Donny. Carlos and the Ptolomacs agreed to attempt to free them from prison. They successfully got John and the others out of their cell, but were spotted by the guards. They made a hasty escape, made worse by the fact that Dillian was wounded, and used airboats to escape into the rough water beside the base.

John, Carlos, Phuui and Donny eventually arrived at a docking area, where they immediately explored. As they moved forward, Carlos disappeared from the group. It turns out he was found by Garcia, who had been ordered to find them. John, Donny and Phuui met up with Garcia, Carlos and a mercenary soldier. They were soon ambushed by a large platoon of Yuktobanians. Garcia and the soldier died, but it gave time for John, Carlos and Phuui to escape. They rushed to the Highlander Army Dropship that was waiting for them, and barely escaped the rushing Yuktobanian Soldiers. Soon, however, the dropship was shot down. They ejected, and everyone (John, Carlos, Donny, Phuui and the two Highlander Army Pilots) landed safely into a snowy area.

The group soon ran into a Yuktobanian platoon, but managed to dive down a snowy hill and evade the group. Soon a helicopter could be heard in the distance, and Sergeant Glenn and two other Highlander Elite Soldiers appeared and guarded the rescue. John, Donny, Carlos, Phuui, the Highlander Pilots, Sergeant Glenn and the Highlander Elite Soldiers all boarded the helicopter and escaped to safety.

A History of the Mercenary Army during the War (Season 3):

The Mercenary Army, now strengthened and once again in large numbers, have been in Base 51, the Highlander Army Main Base, and left shortly before it was overrun by aliens. They now reside in bases near City 17 and in Carentan.

Thanks to the assistance of The Highlander Army, the Mercenary Army had all new technology, include various mechs and new types of warriors and planes. The Highlander Army switched sides to the MDI, betraying the Terran Dominion, but the Mercenary Army stuck with them. Following orders from the Highlander Army, the Mercenary Army engaged in combat with the NCAF. The Mercenaries continously did their job in ambushing, and destroyed several platoons and kept destroying supply convoys. During this time, a Terran Dominion army, the Winter Army, had their base invaded by an enemy force. John, still with a firm friendship with The Winter Army, disobeyed his orders and forced a platoon of Mercenaries to help The Winter Army. This went against the code of the Mercenaries, as they were now helping their enemies. The platoon were slaughtered, but took several enemies with them. John would have went himself, but Gregory, one of The Mercenary Army's captains, knew it would endanger the future of The Mercenary Army and stopped him from going. The Winter Army returned the favour with three new technologies, and John continues to be greatful. If given the order to attack The Winter Army, or the Terran Dominion, it is questionned if he would go through with the orders.



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