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John Jacques: The Site

League Of Free Worlds (LOFW)

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Created during the year that past. the League was created by many colonised worlds of mobain and human for one goal. To destroy the Corvolt Imperium once and for all and Win back peace. The league came at earth in full force. using the combine strengh of the LOFW, the IG, The Kuradians, and the JSDF. They hit head on in tearing the newly founded terren dominion peace by peace. Even Freedom fighters on earth agaisnt the TD fought along side the LOFW's cause. After a long 9 month war for recontroll of the earth system all ships headed to the Covolt Imperium's Invasion carrier. Millions were lost and the mobain race was on the verge of extinction, but then the Kuradians bought enough time for Mike and Macross to crash into the main invasion carrier and destroy it from the inside out. during that Time Mike and Sun was fighting a battle to the death. Sun thought he won and he was about to crush Mike, but then a hidden power grew inside Mike and converted himself into Mecha mike. using this power Mike defeated Sun and with Macross destroyed the invasion carrier. 1 month later the Corvolt's main military might of the system has fallen. 3 years later the LOFW disbanded and peace was founded once more... for now.



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