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Republic of Kuradia

Kuradian Flag Kuradia is a nation that stands on a set of artificial islands created with Terra-Forming tecniques 1200 km east from Okinawa. It's population stands between the 84 millions and the 85 millions thanks to the immigration from the US, Canada, South East pacific and Australia. It's a Liberal democracy with full separation of church and state, gay unions allowed and free assisted procreation laws. Any fundamentalist religion is monitored and sanctioned if they go too far in their claims. Their Armed forces base themselves on a Force-De-Rapid Doctrine, and they use frequently their spaceship in atmosphere, more often than not also as surface ships. They employ large numbers of transformable mecha and high trained infantry. They always have the space ships to cover their advance and this has caused many problems to their enemies in the past. In the second Great War, after feeling threatened by the Terran Dominion, they made a series of succesful strikes against the mecha army and assisted the besieged Alliance Forces on Marlak island buying enough time to allow Macross to destroy the Invasion Carrier and confront Sun himself.
As of now, Kuradia saw the alliance fighting the remnants of the Terran Dominion on earth but also saw that the factions were growing too much in power and influence and fearing military actions against the homeland, or worse, a takeover, Kuradia created the Unaligned Nations Treaty (UNT) and rallied the nations who remained neutral in the world, in order to create a third side that could limit the power of both the Alliance and the Terran Dominion remnants.

Pre-War Era
The Kuradian government went almost underground when the Dominion assumed control of Earth, but it's Commander in Chief, Garrick Armisael Firehand, instead took the armed forces and began a brutal campaign of corvol hunting, destroying supply bases, attacking convoys, executing civil protection officers in public and burning the Corvolt military with napalm once they were called in. Then the Corvolt tried to nuke Kuradia altogheter, but Kuradian VF-1 aircrafts intercepted the missile, wich was retrieved by ESS Ashura. Those warheads were mounted on a MIRV missile and launched at City-4 in retaliation. Ever since the city has been nicknamed "the ghost streets"
the Corvolt, having also troubles in keeping the civilians at bay, decided to leave Kuradia alone. This was called the silent cease-fire

Arrival of the LOFW

This was what Kuradia awaited. Kuradia supported the LOFW and Kuradian Forces planted beacons all around the planet to help the LOFW's landings.
here Garrick made the most unsuccesful strike of his career
An attack against city-01 wich resulted in failure and him escaped by miracle.
He then restarted guerrilla operations, and when the battle came to Marlak island He launched a brutal offensive against the Mecha army, annihilating one of their fleets with EMP tipped cruise missiles.
He also pioneered the underwater tactical use of spaceships, wich helped his forces moving unnoticed around the planet.

Battle for Marlak
Kuradian forces fought valiantly togheter with GUN and MI forces. in the end, Cruise missiles from the LOFW's Ship destroyed the central comm hub in Marlak and Garrick took advantage, assuming command of all of the human forces and leading them in the full occupation of the Island, acrushing the corvolt army arrived there in the process thanks to heavy use of chemical weapons, in that case, Deavolium, a special virus that was reactive only to the Corvolt DNA. Some witnesses says that there were mountains of corvolt bodies plied up on the side of the streets.

Return to City-01
This was the opportunity to strike the Dominion at home.
The Mobian Imperial Guard, arrived to assist, began to lay siege to the capital and was the first to open breaches in the outer walls. Garrick followed, providing fire support from His low flying fleet.
In the streets, Kuradian VF-1s attacked Corvolt Stalkers, while IG Titans crushed Corvolt Soldiers beneath their armored feets

The steel rain
Garrick, then decided to launch yet another brutal attack. Using every Cruise missile he had, he launched a cruise missile storm on the center of the city, plaguing it with Deavolium tipped missiles, mini-nukes, EMP missiles and so on.
Civil protection officers surrendered en-masse

The LOFW flag waves over the control palace
Then the LOFW forces assaulted the palace, and with ship besieging it from the air, and soldiers arriving from below, it was a matter of time before it capitulated. After three days of brutal fighting, like at Iwojima, LOFW soldiers rised the flag over the top of the palace. Admiral Sun's top couselor, Doctor Brenn, was captured, and after he was spoiled of every valuable information, he was executed by raging LOFW soldiers
Sun had escaped tough
He retreated to the Giant invasion carrier in orbit.

Final Battle
Garrick, and the other LOFW commanders decided to launch a daredevil suicide attack against the corvolt invasion carrier to end the war once and for all.
Garrick, on his customized VF-1S followed, togheter with his elite squadrons, Macross into the Invasion Carrier, Garrick and his men were full of rage, destroying everything in their path, escaping seconds before Macross' final attack.
After the huge explosion, all that was left of the two huge fleets were a Kuradian naval combat group and his air wings, several LOFW ship and another group belonging to the Alpha forces.
The war had finished
Garrick, after celebrating returned to Kuradia to start rebuilding his homeland

Kuradian Personae

Name : Garrick Armisael
Rank: Commander in Chief, Kuradian Armed Forces
Age: 23
Race: Human
Likes: Anime, Manga, Wargames, Military Books, Videogames, going to battle personally with his customized Legioss, the Shinigami.
Dislikes: Moth-like bugs, Surgical Operations, Stupidity
Allegiance: Kuradian Armed Forces
Known Siblings: none
Commander in Chief of the Kuradian Armed Forces, he is always at the front, fighting with his men, and He inspires the to commit heroic acts. He pilots a modified Legioss Armo-Fighter transformable Mecha in battle.



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