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John Jacques: The Site


Name: John
Age: 19
Son of: ZEDAF elder member Charles
Occupation: Mech pilot and hand to hand combataint
Information: John is a prototype of second generation of the radical experiment "Mobain +". This experiment instead of replacing body parts like in the normal plus experiments the body is completly remodded. Bones are remodded into A new light,but strong metal called "kalanmatanium" And the muscles and nervous system is remodded as well. Finnaly nerual interfaces are inserted on his body to become one with machines. he's the next generation of cyborg. He's a motorcycle enthusistist and a Black belt in various Martial arts. He does use a gun sometimes. And He experienced with Controls of every mech from MTs to battlemechs. John believes his abilities should be used to protect his people no matter what happens.



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