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John Jacques: The Site



JDR was actually born Joshua, the first born son of the Robinson family, in the grasslands of Ireland. He and his two younger brother (In order) Michael Robinson and Aaron Joseph Robinson, would years later enter a mercenary army changing their names to JDR, Archangel M, and AJ MegaSajian. JDR would train to be an excellent assassin, martial artist, scientist in biology, chemistry, and technology. He and his brothers would apent years of their lives working as their own trio band of mercinaries.

Years later JDR has hired to work as an undercover lab assistant for Dr. Alexis. Under her wing he would learn much from her and even fall in love with her. He would also learn of her projects and would eventually steal the plans for the army that hired him. However he was caught during his escape from the theft and had to avoid the grasps of the armies after him. For two years he avoided their grasps, still kept the plans with him, and stayed in contact with Alexis. Earlier Alexis would inform him that he would be a father to a daughter named Sophie and she agreed to meet him at the Cathedral in Rome. Which turned into a set up to arrest JDR. JDR spent less than a year in their maximum security prison. His two brother would come help him escape and back away from the enemy.

They return to the army in Germany that hired them and had to stay for an extended period of time for their failure for not keeping the stolen plans. So JDR and his brothers had to stay as Scientist/lab assistances until they could pay them back for their screw ups. JDR worked on and constructed projects for seven years with a lab assistant Ami Mizuno. These projects cost Archangel M's eyes a fraction of his skull, for AJ it cost him his whole body and his left eye, and for JDR it cost him a life altering event when he tested his experimental Sentinal-X10 serum on himself. It had side effects that included cases of psychosis, extreme violent or agressive behavior, and high metabolism & canabalism. But the glory affects of the serum was his senses, strength, and speed would increase 10 times more. This provided JDR with a meathod of escaping the German army by uses these affects to help him and his brothers escape, by killing a mjority of the forces with JDR and some explosives, they escaped the army and fleed to Japan. Ami Mizuno would also tag along with them and the army followed in pursuit. JDR, his brother, and Ami ran into the Japanese Space Program and stole a highly advanced ship and activated to flee Earth. Archy chose to stay and distract the army after them. JDR, AJ, and Ami fleed and it would be years before anyone else would hear of them again.

Then JDR came back 20 years later with his own army and technology beyond imagination and entered to the Sprite Wars to help aid his brother Archangel M.

...That is all that we know of JDR at this moment.



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