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Japan Defense Force

Japan Defense Force (Nihon Kokubou Gun)

History: Formed as the successor of the JSDF (Japan Self Defense Force) The Japan Defense Force is larger and more powerful than its previous form. Formed generally to protect Japan, the JDF possesses a powerful force of Wanzers, Two of the larger Wanzer manufacturers (Iguchi Heavy Industries and Kirishima Heavy Industries) have contracts to sell certain wanzers only to the JDF. Their troops are very loyal and never backdown. Many of their troops are of a very young age, some as young as 17. The JDF is separated into two divisions, Eastern Japan Division (Tokyo to Hokkaido) and the Western Japan Division (Everything west of Tokyo) The HQ for the Eastern Division is in Tokyo while the HQ for the Western Division is in Osaka. Though they have a powerful military force, they still can't attack unless they have been attacked first. Although recently they have been known to declare something as a threat and attack it without being attacked first. They are good allies of the ADP. They would love nothing better than to send a Neutron S missile to turn the planet mobius into a barren nuclear wasteland. The JDF is secretly working on a space fleet to combat the threat of the enemies' space fleets.

The JDF was formed shortly after the First Spritewar.
History (JDF and JSDF)
First Sprite wars:
Participated in many battles against the Snowmen army, a treaty was formed between the Snowmen and the alliance, but the JSDF, under the command of Colonel Giko, broke the treaty and continued attacking snowmen forces. Attacked a Mecha army base in the desert. Sent a small space force to attack the Mecha army/Corvolt Imperium, known as the JSF (Japan Space Forces) but because of heavy losses, pulled out.

Main Weaponry:

Iguchi Heavy Industries Type 107 Kyojun
Fixed Weapons:
12.7mm Heavy Machine gun (Mounted in chest)
40mm Grenade Launcher (Mounted in Chest)
20mm Gatling Gun (Mounted in right side of chest in Type 111)
Hand Weaponry: (Varies greatly but the main ones are)
Iguchi Type 07 57mm Assault Rifle
Iguchi Type 07 76mm Sniper Rifle
Iguchi Type 05 'Ibis' 127mm Anti-Armor Rifle
Iguchi Type 06 Shield
Description: The Main Battle Wanzer (MBW) of the JDF, the Kyojun is the newest Wanzer used by the JDF. It is only deployed among JDF forces. A balanced Wanzer, the Kyojun excells in weapon stability. Its main weapons are Rifle type Firearms, but it is capable of close combat. A modified Kyojun is used by the police department. A modified Commander version is under development.

Type 107kai Keijyun
Fixed Armaments
40mm Gas Grenade gun
Hand Armaments
Yagisawa Type 01 127mm Automatic Shot gun
Yagiwasa Type 09 40mm Machinegun/90mm Grenade gun
Description: A modified Kyojun used by the Japan Police Department, The Keijyun has a visor camera instead of the mono-eye camera used by the Kyojun. Painted Black and white. It's main armament is a powerful Automatic shot gun.

Iguchi Heavy Industries Type 100 Koutei
Fixed Weapons:
Iguchi Type 99 'Bakushinnsou' Pile Bunker x 2
Yagisawa Type 85 35mm Gatling gun x 2
12.7mm Heavy Machine gun
20mm Cannon
Description: At around twice the size of the Kyojun, the Koutei is a behemoth. Despite its size, its main weapons are force Close combat. The Pile bunkers, at around 30m in length, can penetrate virtually any type of armor.

Iguchi Heavy Industries Type 100 Kou Kakyu
Fixed Weapons
Type 78 Chest mounted 105mm Cannon
Type 89 Arm mounted 203mm Cannons
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
Description: A wheeled mech destroyer, the Type 100 uses its 8 high performance offroad tires for high speed movement. Though considered a Wanzer, it is actually closer to a vehicle.
Captain Ken Nakata



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