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Global Liberation Army (GLA)

Global Liberation Army

Made a long time ago by a brave man who fighted for justice and peace,he made the GLA as a little secret organisation fighting for justice and peace.But after 50 or 70 years they came back,this time as a big army.The army uses advanced equipment and technology.The GLA only came to earth once under the 3 war,but later they returned to space.They have 2 big main ships: SULACO(Armored war-ship) and SS AURIGA(Main HQ for the GLA in space).
Both strong and heavy.The soldiers are mobians,furrys,humans,robots and biomechanoids(Experiments).The most normal soldiers are brain-washed to serve the GLA better in war.The robots are specialy made for war,strong armor,strong exo-skeleton and good equipment.And the biomechanoids?Well,the first prototype unit isnt done yet,but expected to be done soon!

Stuff you missed:
They once was on mobius under a war led by Robotnik.They wanted to help,but was afraid that the ZEDAF and other armys would find out the GLA exists.So,to help the mobians,they landed,took and freed a lot of mobians from the random slave-camps and gave them a new home,the GLA holy city (Location unknown).
Today,the city is full of mobians,furrys,humans en robots living in peace...well for now.

Stuff you dont know about:
The Soldiers of GLA fights hard and spares nobody in combat.The robots are barbarians!They slaughter whoever comes in there way.The Leaders are hard,but justice.The Leaders could blow up a whole enemy planet without blinking.



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