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The First War

Pre-War Era.
The first war started after the grand finale of World War III. The countless battles between Earth and Mars, the Regular Army/Rebellion wars, and battles against aliens had finally come to an end, or so it seemed. The Regular Army was all but worn out by the end, and even General Morden’s army was in tatters. Only the Mobian Alliance, a high tech paramilitary coalition consisting of both humans and Mobians, looked to be the only defense the world seemed to have left, and even then, the Earrth/Mars war has drained their resources as well. In the years after World War III, the Earth spread it’s influence across the starts, creating newous floating colonies in space and on other planets. Yes this was still not enough as the Alliance, their allies the Japanese Defense Force, and the remaining nations of the world had barely enough time to prepare for the onslaught that became the first Great War.
What sparked the greatest of all battles for the Earth is one of the most bizarre in all of Earth’s history. It wasn’t any nation or any man that instigated the first of these epic wars…the enemy were snowmen. Some say that aliens constructed them; some say was the result of radiation from the nuclear weapons used during WWIII, and while their origins were never discovered, the snowmen were quite real, and quite armed. Striking from their bases in the Polar Regions, the snowmen launched a massive invasion on the continents. The Alliance and the JDF, as well as Regular Army troops, were taken quickly by surprise and found that much of the world was being attacked by these icey warriors.
On top of this crisis, there was another threat that emerged. The Ptolomac Army, led by the mysterious, yet tyrannical Supreme Commander, saw this as an opportunity. He would use his own personal army of specialists to worm his way into the Regular Army, and then to the world governments. However, there was a problem: The unoffical Ptolomacs, a guerilla style army with both the numbers and tech, as well as a fierce loyalty to Supreme Commander, took it upon themselves to launch their own crusade against both Snowman, the Regular Army and the Alliance.

The War Heats Up
The Unoffical Ptolomacs were very haphazard. Anything that seemed of military importance was targeted. It even got to a point where it became too predictable. The Snowmen Army too, seemed to target anything that belonged to their enemies, even if it of no strategic importance. Nevertheless, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the Alliance to deal with two fronts. Mike Rugar, the head of the Alliance, and hero of the Earth/Mars war, decided to focus on one enemy at a time, their first target, the Snowmen Army.
Fortunately, the snowmen were found quite easy to kill. Flamethrowers, quite obviously had won many battles, and they take a bullet like any normal solider would. Their tanks, numerous like their troops, quickly fell apart to many conventional tank shells and missiles. More interestingly though, was their physiology. Alliance scientists who looked into fallen snowmen have found liquid nitrogen in their systems, as well as another unknown compound that keeps the snowmen from melting prematurely. The Alliance soon learned how they kept getting soldiers so fast. The snowmen had special snow producing machines that created new Snowmen soldiers instantly, including resurrecting fallen Snowmen Army troops.
The Mobian Alliance pulled out all the stops, and destroyed many cities that were taken by Snowmen troops through orbital bombardments and nuclear weapons. The campaign seemed to be working, as the constant pressure of the Alliance and the more aggressive Colonel Giko of the JDF was intimidating the snowmen. The Ptolomacs seemed to grow a hatred for their icey enemies as well. The Snowmen Army invasion soon ground to a halt, and in order to stay alive, they had to focus on one enemy at a time too. The Ptolomacs refused any type of cease-fire, and the only faction that would accept the cease-fire would be from the Alliance.
The Snowmen leaders and the Alliance agreed to a cease-fire to focus on the Ptolomac threat. However this was very short lived. Colonel Giko quickly broke the cease-fire and annihilated a whole company of snowmen troops returning to the front. While Giko did not receive any punitive measures from both the Japanese Government and the Alliance, the war with the snowmen was back on, though thankfully in the Alliance's favor. The snowmen were forced to retreat back across their conquered territory.
Though pummeled on two fronts, the Snowmen Army found out that they weren’t alone. Around the time of the snowmen withdrawls, a new faction disclosed itself to the world: An army of machines. Led by a man named Archangel M, the Angel Arms Defense Force, AKA the Mecha Army, became one of the snowmen’s benefactors by assisting them in their campaign of conquest. On top of that, General Morden and the Rebellion Army, seeing as how a cease-fire with both the Alliance and the Ptolomacs was unacceptable, sided with the Snowmen Army. Bolstered by new numbers from both the numerous Mechas and Rebel soldiers, the Snowmen Army seemed to be back on their feet.
The Ptolomacs were not doing well either, as the high-tech Alliance destroyed much of their conventional equipment. Territory taken by the Ptoles seemed to be back in Allied or Snowmen Army hands by the next day. Alliances forged by the native Martians have only ended up with dead Ptolomacs as the Martians turned on them. Their increasingly apparent failures was starting to annoy the Supreme Commander. Drastic measures had to be taken soon.

The battles on Earth end
Not long after the Snowmen, Mechas, and the Rebels have joined forces, the Alpha Force had emerged to join the fight. This large military organization with their large army with signature blue helmets, utilizing Rebellion weaponry, as well as a high tech navy sided with the exhausted Alliance. They soon began to target the Mecha Army.
The Mecha Army was indeed numerous and had technology that rivaled that of the Alliance, but like the Snowmen Army and the Rebellion, had their fair share of bad luck as well. Orbital battles between the Alliance’s space fleet have left their prime fleet in shambles. Their main base planet side was constructed in the desert regions of North Africa(?), where it was also occupied by Team Firefox, a small Mobian/Human based paramilitary force/arms dealers. Storm the Fox, commander of Team Firefox and a supporter of the Alliance, had been providing arms and equipment to the fronts as well as themselves, and soon found war on his own doorstep with the arrival of the Mechas. Colonel Giko tracked down a Mecha Army base in the Desert and attacked with an armored company to destroy it. Archangel had seen this coming, and rigged the base to blow, taking down many of Giko’s troops. Although the operation was successful, Giko soon reassigned himself to other fronts. Unfortunately Giko failed to remove the Mecha threat entirely, which was left up to Team Firefox. Storm soon led many combat patrols across the desert eliminating the Mecha threat, until Alpha Force relieved them. The Alphas, who were deployed to the region in Giko’s place soon was able to track down the Mecha’s primary factory for the sector and destroyed it. The Mecha Army withdrew from the desert region entirely.
The Empire, another mechanized army led by a the infamous General Grey who was present in the Earth/Mars wars, began his blitz of the Earth as well. The Alliance forces were stretched to the limit even with the assistance of Alpha Force. They originally arrived to assist the unofficial Ptolomac forces, but like the Martians before them, quickly turned on the Ptolomacs and pursued their own agendas. More hot zones began appearing across the globe as the Empire’s cyborgs began to run amok across the scarred Earth. The Regular Army, hoplessly outnumbered, sided with the Snowmen/Rebel/Mecha alliance seeing as how the Alliance was stretching themselves to the limit. The Empire became the Alliance’s primary target, and across the globe battles between Alliance and the Empire raged in every city still standing.
The Mecha Army, who withdrew from the planet to rebuild their army, has returned to Earth to continue their invasion. General Grey, who was orbiting the earth in his command ship, noticed the returning Mechas, and saw that they had the same plan, conquer the world and replace it with their own robotic society. An alliance was soon formed.
Storm the Fox knew that the Alliance’s fate was uncertain and knew that Team Firefox had to join in with the conflict in order to save what was left of the earth. They quickly mobilized for full-scale conflict as well as ordering his hidden space fleet to the Earth. The fleet soon engaged the Empire/Mecha forces in orbit. The Alliance, noticing the battle deployed their ace squadron, the Skulls to assist Firefox forces. The Empire countered with their own robotic squadrons. The battle soon turned in the Alliance’s favor with the Skull squadron’s involvement as well as well-executed boarding operations by Firefox troops. The Empire resorted to kamikaze attacks to tip the balance back in their favor, but the Skulls managed to destroy the rest of the Empire’s fighters before and catastrophic damage was taken.
The war on the Earth was beginning to reach it’s peak. Alliance forces were still pounding the Snowmen Army and their allies. The Ptolomac’s plans were failing miserably. Supreme Commander had enough, and ordered the remaining Unoffical Ptolomacs on suicide missions on Alliance targets, including Mars. Upon hearing their orders, some Ptolomacs deserted, the rest were loyal to Supreme Commander to the very end. They attacked their targets with whatever strength they had left, as there was no retreat this time. Again, the Alliance was taken by surprise, but ultimately, the Ptolomac’s last-ditch attempt was thwarted. Supreme Commander would have to rethink his strategy of word conquest as he continues to hand pick his new, specialized army.

The Arrival of the Corvolt Imperium and the Battle of the North Pole
As the war on Earth reached it’s peak, the greatest threat the Solar System has ever faced had finally arrived. An Alliance space station that was monitoring the effects of a nearby black hole noticed something srange, a massive object was emerging from the hole! It was a massive invasion carrier, and quickly as they discovered it, a boarding party entered the station and silenced its crew. The aliens, genetically altered and twisted humans, were from the Corvolt Imperium, a massive empire that spanned hundreds of star systems. The Earth was their primary target, but the massive invasion carrier was slow, and it would be some time before they arrived…
Meanwhile on Earth, the battles were intensifying. Human, Mobian, Snowman, and Cyborg alike struggled for dominance. The Mobian Empire, the birthplace of the Mobian race had finally taken an interest in the stuggle that was going on in the Earth. While only having strained relationships with the Earth, due to their previous history with the Humans that had originally colonized on Mobius, the Emperor sent a contingent of troops to assist the Alliance in destroying their enemies. The Mobian Empire’s consists of thousands of clones of the ‘ultimate lifeform’ known as Shadow, and combined with technology gained in their own wars, proved to be a formidable threat to both General Grey’s Empire and the Mechas. General Sturnn and his second in command, Commissar Yarrick, led the expeditionary force to Earth to combat the Empire/Mecha invasion force.
The Snowmen/Rebel/Regular Army was doing even more poorly. The Mechas have abandoned their once friends and the Regulars and the Rebels were all but wiped out from the constant attacks by the Empire and the Alliance. Winter was approaching, and the Snowmen were withdrawing back to their base in the North Pole. The fate of the snowmen was to be decided there. The Alliance, Alpha Force, and Team Firefox soon took chase to the North Pole. Besides the Snowmen, the Mechas were also established here. The battle for Earth was to be decided here.
The Mechas took notice of the new threat of the Mobian Empire. Their troops were just as loyal as their own robotic soldiers and were much more deadly. Despite this, the Mechas pushed on, desperate for a victory out of a mass of defeats. As the rest of the Alliance and it’s armies were arriving, the Mobian Empire engaged the Mecha forces head on. The battles were intense as thousands of mindless soldiers destroyed each other.
The Snowmen Army were also facing their last stand with both Alliance and Firefox forces, and inevitably doomed themselves as they ambushed what they thought were Alliance soldiers. The soldiers they killed were highly trained Mercenaries. The mercenaries swore vengeance and began to engage remaining Snowmen forces.
The battle for the North Pole had begun to side on the Mobian Empire’s favor. Both the Mechas and General Grey’s Empire could not defeat the disciplined Mobian Imperial Guard and the brilliant command of General Sturnn. The Mecha Army had one last trump card that would spell certain doom for the Alliance, and Archangel M knew that the time was now. The Mecha’s secret weapon was an ancient ship used by the Mobian Empire’s enemy of so long ago, Dr. Robotnik, the Death Egg. The Death Egg was filled to the brim with robot soliders as well as laser cannons that could bombard the planet with impunity.
As the war on the North Pole raged, the Corvolt Invasion Carrier had finally entered Alliance controlled space. The Corvolt’s leader, Admiral Sun planned on how best to strike the Earth. One of the Corvolt’s leaders noticed a sizable Alliance presence on a nearby planet called Kanthros. The Alliance forces on Kanthros were already mobilizing for deployment to Earth, but were caught by surprise by the Corvolt military. The Kanthrosian military fought back with what they had. But in the end, the Alliance forces were no match for the massive orbital bombardments and the sheer numbers of the Corvolt troops. Kanthros soon surrendered to Admiral Sun
Back on Earth, the ground battle continued to rage as the full weight of the Alliance forces crashed with the Mecha Army, while the Mercenaries continued to destroy what was left of the Snowmen. The Winter Army, another military group using Rebellion-era tech engaged the Mercenary forces as well. Team Firefox, the Mobian Empire, and the Mobian Alliance continue to advance through the Mecha ranks. Soldiers on all sides died by the thousands. In orbit, the Firefox, Alliance and Mobian Empire fleet battled the Mecha Fleet and the massive Death Egg. A new fleet from the Japanese Navy arrived to assist the Alliance forces. The massive power of the combined Alliance forces proved to be too much for the Mechas, and Archangel M knew that his cause was lost. He ordered the Death Egg to crash on the North Pole, to take down the Alliance with it! In the end, casualties mounted in the hundreds of thousands for the Alliance forces. Thankfully many of the Alliance heroes such, General Sturnn, Commissar Yarrick, Mike Rugar, and Storm survived. Archangel’s last-ditch effort to break the Alliance also failed. The Mecha Army retreated once again.

The Battle of the Earth, and the fall of the Alliance
The crash of the Death Egg on the North Pole also destroyed a major portion of the Snowmen. Despite this Snowmen forces continued to stubbornly fight on. With their leadership and production capabilities mostly destroyed, the Snowmen resorted to ambushing what enemies were left on the North Pole.
The Alliance’s victory in the North Pole was short lived as elements of the Mecha forces continued to appear over the Earth. As for Archangel M, he licked his wounds and managed to get into contact with his brother JDR, leader of the massive terrorist faction known as the Violet Wolf Army. JDR assisted with the reconstruction of the Mecha fleet as well as some new additions, more Death Eggs…
The Corvolt Imperium has also taken notice of the wars on Earth, and knew that the time to strike was now while the incessant fighting weakened the Alliance forces. The Corvolt Imperium contacted the VWA and the Mecha Army with proposals for an alliance. During this time, Kanthros was still resisting the Imperium, and the Invasion Carrier needed to be present to subjugate the planet. Admiral Sun sent a formidable detachment of ships to assist with the invasion of the Earth.
The Alliance, hearing distress signals from Kanthros, began to assemble the remaining fleets in orbit. Another invasion was imminent, and this time it would be for everything Knowing that defeat could very well be inevitable, Mike Rugar ordered the evacuation of as many civilians as possible out of the system. . The final battle of the first Great War was upon them.
Before the battle began, the Mechas deployed a new biological weapon onto the JDF forces, crippling the crew of their ships, and replacing them with Mecha cyborgs. Meanwhile, an Alliance boarding party managed to take one of the Corvolt’s ships for study. With no time to prepare, the Alliance fleet threw themselves into the approaching Corvolt/Mecha fleet. The battle was even more intense than the previous, as the Corvolt ships outclassed even the Alliance’s! Archangel M, hungry for vengeance, boarded the command ship of Mike Rugar. Mike and Archangel proceeded to fight one on one. Meanwhile the rest of the Corvolt Imperium continued to battle with Alliance forces. Despite the Corvolt’s ships already outclassing the Alliance’s, the commander of the Corvolt Fleet had yet another ace up her sleeve, the Signal. The signal, a subliminal message transmitted through regular comm. Channels, when heard causes the listener(s) to hallucinate horribly, as well as physically destroy both mind and body. Storm the Fox, who was present in a captured Mecha ship, opened a channel to the main Corvolt Command Ship, only to be met with the Signal being broadcasted into his ship in response. The crew of Storm’s ship was all but wiped out, but Storm and his nearby Spartan soldier was all that survived. Storm nevertheless moved his ship into attack the Corvolt’s Command Ship. Two independent pilots, who were flying stolen Empire prototype ships, sided with the Alliance and in one lucky shot with a tactical nuclear bomb, disabled the signal generator on the command ship. In a beautiful one-two punch, Storm’s ship fired it’s own nuclear device into the bridge of the Corvolt ship, not only destroying the ship and it’s commander, bt several Corvolt ships along with it.
The Corvolt’s finally hit planetside, and began engaging what little Alliance forces were left. The exhausted Alliance forces soon found themselves overwhelmed. The Mobian Imperial Guard soon found itself outnumbered and outgunned and ordered a withdraw out of the system, knowing that Earth is lost.
The Japan Space Force had emerged with a new battleship, the Musashi to engage the Corvolt forces. With the Corvolt command ship destroyed, and the rest of the invasion fleet confused, it could be said that the battle could have been won, but unfortunately, it was far from won. The Corvolt Invasion Carrier, who recently finished with Kanthros, had finally arrived for the Earth. The Invasion Carrier was too massive, and the fleets that accompanied the Carrier outnumbered the remaining Alliance fleets by 5 to 1. It was then the Alliance knew that they were finished, they had to withdraw in order to save themselves, as staying to defend against the Corvolts would be suicide. Mike Rugar, who was locked in battle with Archangel M, withdrew himself and evacuated with what’s left of his crew. The Mobian Imperial Guard entered hyperspace back to the Mobius System to report to the Emperor of the new threat.
On Earth, with the Alliance forces being overwhelmed by he Corvolts, the Snowmen thought that they were in the end victorious. They were wrong. The Mechas destroyed all that was left of them on Christmas Day. The Alpha Force, thought heir fleets was withdrawing, knew that they had to make one last ditch effort to destroy the Corvolt Command Carrier, or at the least cripple it. They loaded an attack ship with whatever soldiers brave enough to risk their lives. The attack ship broke through the Corvolt lines to crash into the massive behemoth. It was a desperate move, but was all naught, as the numberless Corvolt forces destroyed the Alphas boarding; only the Alpha’s CO, Starry, made it out alive. The Japanese Space Force, as quickly as they have emerged, retreated back to the planet underground. Colonel Giko would live to fight another day. Team Firefox withdrew after the Alliance forces. The Alliance themselves, destroyed their own gateway to seal off their retreat. As for the Snowmen, they were all hunted down to the last one.

The Aftermath
Less than 50% of the Earth’s Population was evacuated before the Invasion struck home. The dominant factions left on the Earth were the Mechas, the VWA, the Highlander Army, the Winter Army, and the Corvolt Imperium. They soon reorganized the planetary government, and soon called themselves the Terran Dominion.
It’s estimated that over 40 million people died in this conflict including both civilian and military. While the Earth had been taken, it’s defenders would not rest until the Terran Dominion and it’s Corvolt masters were all but wiped out…



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