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Sky Marshall Deigo Rodregaz

Sky Marhshall Deigo Rodregaz
Son of the late Sky Marshall Rodlen Rodregaz and Brother of the Famous Scientist Julian Rodregaz Deigo is a kind hearted person. After a accident in a lab that lost his right leg up to his shin he was almost close to death untill his sister intiated "Project: Unity" into his body. Nano machines now run into his blood and his right leg was replaced with a Protectic cyber system Deigo manage to survive the accident. Deigo is known as a Legend to the ZEDAF and so is his family. when people see him their moral boosts up. Knowing that no matter what odds are against hem there is always hope. Deigo is now the newly elected Sky Marshall after his father died after a long battle from cancer. Deigo will follow the legacy his father and family left behind him



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