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Carlos was born and raised in Valencia, Spain. He is an intelligent person who, during his youth, was a Grade-A Student and at one point a security guard for a local bank. After his brother Caesar was killed in a gang-related incident, Carlos moved out to Canada, away from all the memories.

Living a simple life in Toronto, he was out for a walk one night when he was surrounded by a local bike gang. They tried to rob him, but he managed to escape and run off. However, he was cornered in an alley. About to be cut by the knives carried by the group, Carlos believed this was how he would die.

Shots rang in the air, and the bikers dropped their knives. At the alleyway entrance was John, along with two Mercenary Soldiers. He gave the bikers two options: to leave, or to get shot. They left. Carlos and John quickly became friends and Carlos joined the Mercenary Army two hours after meeting John.

At this point in time, the Corvolt Imperium was gone, and the Terran Dominion was on a rise. Carlos climbed through the ranks during the Iron Brotherhood Betrayal. He was promoted to Captain by the time the Yuktobanians started a flare with the Mercenaries, and was soon promoted further to Major, his current rank as of the start of "Season 3".

Carlos is skilled with his pistol, and pulls out his SMG whenever things get ugly. He is also an established knife fighter and knows a thing or two about explosives.



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