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Arbiter (Tommy)

Player: Arbiter (Tommy)
Race: Covenant
Info: Been a USE for about 2 years,he now have to face hes biggest challange yet!

History of Aribter (Tommy):
Tommy grev up´in the holy city of the covenants with hes father (A brute),and hes mom (An elite).When the resources got low and the city erupted in flames,the family left the holy city.But, the explosion from the city, made the family crash on Earth. Tommy was the only one alive! The ship was found by a woman that took great care of Tommy. When Tommy grew up, he decided to be a rebel, but he was arrested by the USE that gave him a choice, to be one of the USE or rot in prison.Tommy has been in the USE for 2 years,an because of hes psyche,they call him the Arbiter.



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