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John Jacques: The Site

The Alliance

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50 years ago the tragaty of World War III stuck earth. Mobain colonist and Humans decided to leave the Earth for a New home on Mars. Sadly the New Earth government Fought against this peaceful colony and using the teleporter technology the mobains and humans that lived on mars retreated to mobius and destroyed the teleporter and data so they wouldn't be follow. Years past and after mounting up a army. The Alliance headed back to Earth and fought the nations of earth for to take back Mars. Once Japan was liberated from this evil Earth government General Giko of the Allaince Space task force return to his homeland to created the JSDF. The JSDF assisted in fighting off the enemy and thought victory was assured untill the coming of the Covolt Imperium.. The CI invaded the planet and started taking cities like a plauge. The allaicne had no choice but to retreat. the JSDF when hiding to build new technologies and the allaince evacuated not only the entire Mars base, but 50% of the planet's population as well. Using the Jumpgate system Created by GUN and Allaince scientist they manage to escape from earth space. Sadly the jump gate battle platform was over runned by CI. the last living GUN solider sacrafice himself to make sure the station dind't fall into the hands of the CI. the solider activated the self destruct sequnce and the entire station along with it's data was destroyed.



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