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ADP Logo 

The AD police was founded in the remains of the 2nd sprite war After the disbandment of the Legue of free worlds.After the Covolt Imperium lost there grip of the worlds they conquer and power thre was no order in the world. crime and choas rised to unholy levels. Earth needed a force to not only stop crime and do normal duties of a police force, but To defend the Earth from large threats. So the AD police was formed.

The AD Police are an elite group of highly trained and specially equipped police officers who have been formed to deal with terrorist activities and Boomer robot crimes in the city of Megatokyo. They are too heavily armed and equipped (including power armors like the K-11 and K-12) for a normal police force.
The AD Police are offered a great deal of leeway in their activities, often blockading large sections of the city and causing great amounts of property damage in the course of fulfilling their duty. Despite their dedication to their jobs. After the Boomer and Zenner robot threat was exterminated they return to a active police/military force. The headquarters of the ADP is located in Megatokyo. A artifical Island created by the remains of the LOFW and JSDF. The ADP makes fequent trades with JDF of new technologies ad weapons. the JDF been a longtime ally of the allaince since the start of the frist sprite war.


The democracy is based on the LOFW's democracy. Humans and Mobains have equal rights and so are robots of alien origen. Gay and lesbian marrage is legal though to have children they must be geneically made in labs. Normal religions like Catholic, Jewish, Buddisht, etc are still around, though new religions are monitored by ADP's religion detection unit to make sure that this religion is not of a cult.

ADP departments

Defense department-Covers military operations
religion detection unit-Made to investigate if new religions are of a cult. And if it is will be ordered to raid the place and stop the religion.
Police Department-Covers police operations.
R&D- covers new technologies for the ADP and Allies.



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