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Half Life 3: Metal Slug

Got Some More Work Done

I finally got around to get some more Half Life 3: Metal Slug work done. I've got 6 more poses for the Combine Regular Sprites. Here's the full sheet as I have it so far.

Combine Regular Sprite Sheet


Pilot Episode Released

The official comic is relatively far away, so here's the Pilot Episode. There's no action, but it shows my character's predicament.

The Pilot Episode. John wakes up with no memory and finds himself in a City 16 Washroom. He plans to flee to the City 16 Canals to escape Civil Protection. 

Small Update and Preview

Well, a added a pose or two for the Combine Civil Protection unit, and started the Combine Regular Soldier sheet. It currently has two poses. For those who don't know, Combine Regulars are average soldiers who usually either have the SMG.

Here's a preview picture below.

A picture preview featuring Combine units fighting zombies. 

New units! Zombies Complete!

I got all the required zombies for now. I added some more citizens, and worked one some sweet background sprites. I edited some Marco sprites into Combine Metro Police sprites. And lastly I made a Camera Droid Prototype and a Manhack Design. I'll be working on more Manhack poses soon.


First Update

Half Life 3: Metal Slug has officially started. I've worked on some refugees, civilians, Combine Metro Police units and even some background items. You'll find a glimpse of some them in this update (picture below).

Note that Gordon Freeman will not be the main character in Half Life 3: Metal Slug. The main character has not yet been created. The Gordon Freeman pictured below was supplied by my good friend Morpheus.

And remember, the refugees, combines and items pictured below are only a fraction of what I already have. I'm just not showing them all yet.

First Update: Refugees, Combine Metro Police and Background Items added. 

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