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This is where I will put some of the things that just aren't big enough for their own category.

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Football Section

The Football Section of this site is now up. For those who don't know, by football I mean soccer. I'm a large fan of the game, and you should check out the section.

epicArt Section

epicArt is a great community of artists and friends. It is a growing community, and I would recommend joining it. Why not check it out?

The Arcade Is Open

The Arcade is now open. This is where you can play games. Right now it only has 2 Player Slime Volleyball---but it'll grow. In the meantime, enjoy that awesome game.


New Addons

Games Reviews, Movie Reviews and Avatars/Signatures are now open!

First Update

The Games Corner is now up! Half Life 2 motivated me enough to start up a Games Corner for all of my favorite games (erm---although I might not do many pages in the near future).

So enjoy my reviews, screenshots and hints!


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