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John Jacques: The Site

John Co. Frequently Asked Questions

Get what you need to know, when you need to.


Question: What is the point of John Co?

Answer: The main reason would be to ensure a workable company, make a profit and provide some jobs to those with the undoubtable talent, but no place to use it. John Co was created, in short, to be a Great Company, and in my opinion, that has already been done, even before we can start producing anything.

Question: Where are the John Co. Retail Outlets available?

Answer: So far, the only Retail Outlets we have are in Ontario, Canada. We apologize to all those who are too far away to become customers---perhaps we will grow in the future.

Question: Where can I pick up an application? I want to be hired!

Answer: I printable form to be downloaded over the internet has yet to be completed. Sorry if you have to wait! You can always come down here and pick a copy up!

Question: Does John Co have a site?

Answer: This has been asked many times, and at John Co. this is under serious negotiation. These pages here may soon be the functioning heart of John Co.

However, another site that is competely John Co. may soon be made.





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