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John Co News and Updates

The latest news about the Company.

Profits and Paychecks (May 19th, 2006)

A lot of people have been asking how much John Co is making recently, and how much we're giving our employees. Well, truth be told we're just making enough to get along for now, but once we order our Joke Supply Stock we'll be rolling and swimming in pools of cash XD

But for now, the profits are enough to meet the requirements and pay our employees.

Mass Ordering: Closer of Further? (May 1st, 2006)

As all employees of John Co. know, the joke shop is going to be the primary source of income for our starting foundation. However, this has only been planned and talked about. When is the plan going to be started?

Well, all employees have been busy. Jeremy Swinarton has been busy coding PHP and earning profits with his Xplor Web Design business. John Brown has been kept busy with his secondary job, and John Jacques has been active with secondary job searching and other time-consuming things. However, we are another step closer to the plan. Funding will soon be provided for the stock ordering.

Never fear, The Shop will be in business eventually. But for now, don't expect it to be open soon. Rest assured that the wait will be over, but it won't be over now. Much hard work is ahead of us here at John Co, but we're willing to do it. After all, what is a company without hard work and dedication? Not a company like us.

-John R. Jacques




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