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Welcome to the Joke Shop! Currently ordering stock...

All products shown are not confirmed; but are under consideration...

Practical Joke Items

Blood Capsules

You put these little capsules in your mouth, bite down, and it'll look like you're bleeding out the mouth! Freak out friends! As a secondary use, you can ground them up on a surface for blood spatter effects.

Black Soap

Such a funny prank to pull. Someone goes to wash their hands, they grab what looks like an ordinary bar of soap---only to discover that it only stains their hands black! Washable after a certain amount of time---put 'em to good use!

Fart Joke Items

Fart Whistle

Heh, fun to use. You can also get behind someone and use it, and people will think they farted. Hilarity ensues for you, embaressment for the victim.

Fart Spray

A word to the wise---only use in a well ventolated area. THIS STUFF REAKS! I sprayed it once in a hotel room, and we had to call a maid in. The 'fart to end all farts' smell stinks around for a while, and it can clear a room FAST---perfect for the ultimate prankster.

Other Items

Fake Lottery Ticket

This hilarious lottery ticket wins EVERY TIME. People will start going crazy, yelling "I WON $10,000!" and a couple minutes later, they read the fine print (as they always do after their 'victory dance', and realise that it says 'valid only in your imagination'. The look on their faces at the moment is priceless. Get a camera when you use these things!


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