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John Jacques: The Site

John Co, Staff Stuff

The following people are the heartbeat of the company itself.

...and are also put in alphabetical order.

Jeremy Swinarton

Jeremy Swinarton is the latest edition to John Co. (and also designed the company logo!)

His incredible intellict in state of the art programs (Macromedia Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, Photoshop CS2 etc.) and his knowledge for business-related items have made him a highly respected member who is not afraid of hard work. Jeremy also runs a business of his own, Xplor Web Design, and if there is ever anything technical involved, Jeremy knows about it.

John Brown

John Brown has been around for a long time, and has made many plans for John Co. (including, among other things, the old John Co Website). He has great programming skills and is currently going through a lot of paperwork.

John Jacques

John Jacques is the CEO of John Co, and is constantly working on improvements to the company. Without him, there would be no John Co.

John has made Flashes, Products, Pictures and even sites in the name of John Co, and will not stop here. His initial plans are finally nearing the end, and his dream of a profitable functioning company will be complete.

John often visits employees and sometimes goes bowling/swimming/around-town with them.


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