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John Jacques: The Site

John Co

Welcome to a new era of Companies. An era in which new ideas are formed, new ideas that shall graft the shape of the productive future.

Welcome to John Co.

John Co

John Co. is an innovative Company, dedicated to its employees. Since we are relatively unknown in the current marketplace, we are vying to make our name known throughout the Country---nay, throughout the World.

Plans have been made.

Oh yes, we have plans. John Co has made plans will other budding new companies as well, and we are near the start of our first Shop. When everything gets going, we are just going to grow larger and larger. We hope that in the near future, and the far future, you will enjoy our products to no end. And the products and works of our affiliated companies, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the point of John Co?

Answer: The main reason would be to ensure a workable company, make a profit and provide some jobs to those with the undoubtable talent, but no place to use it. John Co was created, in short, to be a Great Company, and in my opinion, that has already been done, even before we can start producing anything.

Question: What are your employees salaries?

Answer: This is strictly confidential. However, if you are interested in a job---Oh, sorry, all of our positions are taken.

Question: Does John Co have a site?

Answer: This has been asked many times, and at John Co. this is under serious negotiation. These pages here may soon be the functioning heart of John Co.

However, another site that is competely John Co. may soon be made.

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