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JCC: Real Players Don't Camp.

Activities And News

The events of the John Co Clan.

Sunday, January 21st, 2006: Counter-Strike @ Cyber Heads V, and Valve Stuff
[JC] John won again in his 13th LAN Party, continuing his success rate of 100%. Jazzie came in second last, and Bonesaw could not make it. That Friday, Jazzie got the Valve Complete Pack and on Sunday Bonesaw got the Valve Holiday Pack (and FIFA 2007 for PC!).

Jazzie has also been suspended from the [JC] clan for reasons undisclosed to the public.

Saturday, December 30th, 2006: Counter-Strike @ Cyber Headz IV
[JC] John and [JC] Bonesaw took a break from LAN Tournaments and played a liesurely three hours with CyberHeadz Cafe owner Kevin for some practice before the All Nighter on New Years Ever. The JC Clan are holding tryouts during the All Nighter for those who want to join the clan. We're looking forward to playing some potential members. John and Bonesaw both took Kevin to the cleaners and we had a lot of fun playing several custom maps.

3, and possibly 4, of the JC Members are going to be at the All Nighter on New Year's Eve at Cyber Headz Cafe.

For those who don't know, the JCC Site here is obviously a temporary thing. Well, Jazzie is designing a great, fantastic new website for the JC Clan (screenshot). It's going to be great, function properly, look great and represent us superbly <3

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006: Counter-Strike @ Cyber Headz III

There were only 6 players at the LAN Party at Cyber Headz, and there were to JC Members: John and Bonesaw. After 9 20 minute rounds, John was once again the winner with Bonesaw coming in second, his last round pushing Jacob down to third. John won a Half Life 2 Poster for his great win.
Scoreboard of the Night:
First: [JC] John (203 kills)
Second: (JC) Bonesaw (116 kills)
Third: JACOB (113 kills)
Fourth: EYEownYOU (102 kills)
Fifth: Jason (86 Kills)
Sixth: Mini Staughton (47 kills)

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006: Counter-Strike @ Cyber Headz II
Well, we had one heck of a tight LAN Tournament last Friday. Once again it was a full house, with a few people being turned down entry. JC Members know to register far in advance. John, Bonesaw and Jazzie were here to represent in this tournament. In the end, it was very close: [JC] John won by a mere 5 kills over Chum, who nearly caught up in the last round but couldn't fill in the gap. Bonesaw finished mid-chart and Jazzie finished second last, owning in some maps but not in others.

"It was a close one," says John Jacques, "but I came out with the win and represented the clan. And hey, I got some free loot for it too!"

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006: Counter-Strike @ Cyber Headz
Last Friday we had the largest LAN Tournament in the JC History, with a full house. Bonesaw couldn't make it due to work, but John and Jazzie could. A player in trial also arrive, Ive_Got_Shotgun showed his kills by teaming up with John and getting a constant stream of headshots. Yamaha Hat also stood out and might just be contacted to join the JC Clan!

John and Ive_Got_Shotgun stole the show, easily winning the CS:S Tournament. It's arguable who did better---it was too close. Also, Jazzie, Yamaha Hat and John played 2 hours of CS:S on Monday, pwning 3 child newbs. The next JC LAN Party is set for Friday, with Jazzie, Bonesaw, Yamaha Hat and "The Penetrator (inside joke)" set to attend.

Sunday, October 30th, 2006: Bracebridge Team Announced
It's official: Two John Co Clan members have been selected for the 5 man group which will be representing our hometown of Bracebridge in a series of tournaments. The selected game will be Counter-Strike: Source. The two selected members are John Jacques and Bonesaw. The nearest tournament match is set to be against Huntsville, and the stakes are high: The prize for each member of the winning team is a brand new, state of the art video card.

Friday, October 13th, 2006: Game Night at Cyber Headz Cafe
This game night we focused on Counter Strike: Source and DEFCON. Winning and both Counter Strike: Source and both rounds of DEFCON was John Jacques, withe Bonesaw (John Brown) coming in second, and Kevin, the Cyber Cafe owner, coming in third.

Friday, September 29th, 2006: Game Night at Cyber Headz Cafe
This game night a number of potential new recruits showed up---we're still considering adding at least one of them into the clan. We played Counter-Strike: Source for three and a half hours, enjoying the free pizza and drinks provided by Cyber Headz Cafe owner Kevin. Coming in first place was [JC] John, followed by Kevin himself, followed by [JC] Jazzie.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006: Site Started
Some Day In 2000: Clan Started