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Most Recent Member: Ive_Got_Shotgun


Here you will find all the Members and Trial Members of the John Co Clan. Click their name to see their JC Profile.

John Jacques

Ranking: Founder, Leader
Game Names: [JC] John, [JC] Afo

John Brown
Ranking: Elite Member
Game Names: [JC] Jack the Ripper, [JC] Sniper, [JC] l337 noob

Jeff Jacques
Ranking: New Member
Game Names: Ive_Got_Shotgun


Jeremy Swinarton
Ranking: Member (suspended)
Game Names: [JC] Jeremy, [JC] Jazz Man, [JC] Jazzie , [JC] Jesus

Members In Trial:

Justin Boyce
Ranking: Trial Member
Game Names: Yamaha_Hat, Yamaha, ROFL

Ranking: Trial Member
Game Names: Chum, Chum (AS-IF-I-had-you)