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Welcome to the John Co Clan

Welcome to the John Co Clan. We are a group of people in such games as Counter Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Red Orchestra, Soldier of Fortune 2 and several Command and Conquer titles. We pride ourselves in being gamers who play the game to have fun, for the sole purpose of having a great time among our friends and brethren. In games like SOF2, Red Orchestra and CS:S you may find us dominating the servers. We are usually acting as snipers or assaulters---it shouldn't be too hard to find us. Just look for the [JC] abbreviation before our name. Note that we do not take gaming to the extreme level of craziness, so even if you manage to beat us, we won't start swearing about your mother ; )

To see more information on the John Co Clan or how to contact it, please browse the site.