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You'll find articles on Jacques United items of interest here.

Squad Selections Complete! - 8 October 2006

The Front 11 have been selected. The strikers are John Jacques and John Brown. The midfielders are Adam Saunders, Cody Elliot, Allen Krebser and Chad Jackson. The defenders are Justin Boyce, Jonas Phuui, Phillip Merchant and Matt Cobean. The Goalkeeper is Jeremy Swinarton.

The sustitutes include defender Freek Zijlmans, midfielders Mike Rugar and Kris Hoffman, and forward Domino!

The Reserves have yet to be selected.

Front Squad Speculation - 11 September 2006

Jacques United is currently trying to decide which players to put onto their Front 11. Rumour has it Adam Saunders may be a potential contender, whilst Matt Gardener may be as well. An item of interest, though, is who will be the number two goalkeeper for Jacques United?

A substitute defenceman is under debate. Freek Zijlmans, a great footballer from the Netherlands, may just be signing up with Jacques United after all.

Other rumoured signings include Mike Rugar, Phuui, Domino and Cody Elliot. - John Jacques



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