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Jacques United: Squad

Front 11

Right Striker:






John Jacques is the left forward for Jacques United. The Canadian striker has proven his worth for Manchester United in the 2005/2006 season, and is quite a talent in all positions.

Left Striker:







John Brown is a Canadian footballer who proves how great his shots are every game. He plays in the right forward position and knows how to use his size and skill to the upmost advantage.

Jeremy Swinarton is the number one goalkeeper for Jacques United. The Canadian was number one for Manchester City last year and now he has moved to Jacques United to help their debute.

Allen Krebser is the left midfielder from Vermont who knows how to get the ball up the field safely with speed. Great at passing and boosting, Allen is a valuable asset to the team.

Chad Jackson is an excellent midfielder. His intuition and ability to get the ball and run with it have made him one of the top players among the Premiership.

Cody Elliot uses his height and long legs as an advantage on the field, easily manuevering past other players. He is a good shot and is an expert at crossing the ball.

Adam Saunders is not only fast, but he is well known for his power shots. His knowledge of the game is invaluable, as his plays often result in goals for Jacques United.

Jonas Phuii is one of the best defenders we have ever seen. If the ball is near him, he shall get it.

Justin Boyce is a valuable defender to Jacques United. His talent and determinition forshow a great future at Jacques United. Boyce's favorite trick is to flip the ball above his head past a striker, and easily clear it.

Phillip Merchant is the star defender from England. His knowledge of the game provides a tactical advantage as he marks his man and covers for Jacques United. Although he loves his childhood idol club West Ham, he's prepared to destroy them ; )

Matt Cobean is another great Canadian Footballer known for his expert clearances, tactics and tricks. He is known for one of his clearances scoring during a training session!

Rest Of The Squad

Freek Zijlmans is known as a defender who rarely comes out of a challenge without the ball. His knowledge of tactics, the ball and of the game are invaluable to Jacques United.

Mike Rugar is a midfielder with a sturdy shot and a trick list longer than Cristiano Ronaldo's. Rugar plays both wings well.

Kris Hoffman a quick and talented midfielder who is a German International. Hoffman represents his origins well at Jacques United.

Domino is an excellent forward, capable of finding just the right spot to put the ball past the goalkeeper.


Kenny Cunningham is the Center Midfield for Jacques United. The Canadian footballer is not only great at passing and moving, but is quite a shot as well. Cunningham is famous for once entering the goalkeeper position in the middle of a match, and stopping all the shots that came upon him.


Managing Staff

The people who keep Jacques United running smoothly.






Yes, the left forward for Jacques United is also their main manager, deciding on transfer deals and funding decisions.


Youth Squad

The people who bring the future of Jacques United.

Gordy Cunningham is a great player for his age. Jacques United are considering putting him on the reserves in a year or two if he keeps up his amazing pace.



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