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Italy Win FIFA 2006

Through an intense match, Italy emerge the winners. It didn't look to be in their favour as Zidane scored an early penalty, but they fought back and scored a point in the second half, bringing it to a tie. Extra time arrives, and nobody scores. Zidane gets a red card for turning around and headbutting an Italian Player in the chest, after the Italian Player said offensive things to Zidane about where he came from. Oh dear---one man down, and without one of their best. But they hold on. Of all the matches for it to happen, the Finals of the FIFA World Cup arrive to a Penalty Shootout.

Barthez lets in everything, his feet shuffling giving away which direction he was going. Buffon saves nothing---but one of the shots bounces off the crossbeam, onto the line, and out---it counts as a save. And this, my friends, this fluke 'save'---is what won Italy the World Cup.

So, congratulations to Italy, a truly spectacular team, even though I was rooting for France.

England Loose to Portugal in Quarter Finals

England fought well against Portugal, but they did not fight hard enough. Portugal came out the victor after an intense match that lasted into a Penalty Shootout.

The first real drama came as David Beckham was injured and had to be carried off shortly after the second half got started. This was his last match in FIFA, it was a shame to see him go off like that. Then, Wayne Rooney gets in a struggle for the ball against two of Portugal's midfielders. He 'stomps' on one with his kleatz and pushes Christiano Renaldo out of the way. The referee blows his whistle---and gives Wayne Rooney a red card (see picture). Now England are one man down, with two of their finest gone. Yet they managed to defend well enough to prevent Portugal from scoring, and even managed to get a few opportunities for themselves.

Then, Extra time---and still no goals. Then---Penalty Shootout. Tensions are high. Paul Robinson, the goalkeeper for England, let's in all of them. Ricardo, Portugal's keeper, saves one. It's over. England loose (see picture), and Portugal move onto the semi-finals.

Ah well, there goes my favorite team.




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