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About Me

Hurray, it's me! And in an old picture!

Find out more about me below.


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About Me

My name is John Ronald Jacques and I am a 14 year old who lives in Bracebridge, Ontario. I go to the local highschool (BMLSS) and am currently looking for a job.

I have dirty blonde hair and am short (shut up, Stacey and Jeremy =P). I often wear a sweater (even in the summer!) just because I love sweaters. My hobbies include:

I am not often seen without friends; save for moments with family and sometimes waiting to be picked up after school. I enjoy going bowling/swimming/biking/ hanging around with my friends the most, and am generally a talkative person =P

Ah, life is good.


I was born in 1991 right here in my hometown, Bracebridge. I've lived here my entire life, but have been out of the Country (Disney Land =D). I achieve above average grades and am proud of it. I moved from "The Best House Ever" to "My Current House" in 2001. Some stuff happened, blah blah blah and here we are, up to date. =P

Pointless List of Friends:

If you're not on it and I know you, ask why. I probably missed you, because my memory lately has been---well---dead =P

Whooza, that was pointless! XD

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